6 Most Popular Car TV Shows of 2015

Car TV shows are very popular. People find anything related to car very entertaining and interesting. Here are some of the top car TV shows:

#1 BBC Top Gear UK


The popularity of this TV show is increasing every year. It is full of stunning adventures, playful jokes among the hosts, the outrageous challenges and the wild inventions. This show is very fun to watch.

#2 Top Gear USA


This is an American version of the popular UK show. The hosts are very engaging. The host of the show destroys most of his cars in the challenges and the results are hilarious.

#3 Fifth Gear


This show is a smaller version of the BBC’s top gear. The hosts are remarkable; keeps you smiling all the time. This TV show is very enjoyable to watch.

#4 Car vs wild


It is an adventurous show. Two guys are dropped along with a 1998 Jeep Wrangler in a remote and desolate area. The places selected are Chilean jungles, glaciers or desert mountains. The two guys have to travel through these difficult paths.

#5 Chris Harris on Cars


Chris Harris is a great driver and a presenter. He gives very honest opinions regarding different cars. His honesty is what makes the show very interesting. He is a very good analyzer of cars. Within 30 seconds he would be able to say whether the car is good or bad and the reasons why.

#6 Megafactories


This show features the greatest car factories in the world, including Ferrari in Modena, Rolls-Royce in England, Bugatti in France and Porsche in Germany. Most of these factories do now allow guided tours to their factories anymore.

All these shows are extremely popular and are viewed my millions of people across the world throughout the different seasons.