Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Motorcycle

Motorcycle can be a fun ride. It is extremely thrilling traveling down the road with two wheels.


  • Motorcycles are much cheaper. They cost almost half that of car.
  • Motorcycles provide improved fuel efficiency compared to a car. A middle sized motorcycle will burn about 35mpg to 60mpg of fuel. As the gas prices are rising, buying a motorcycle is a cost effective solution.
  • Many parents are worried about their children buying a motorcycle. Inexperienced riders have to pay high premiums for insurance, whereas, the price of insurance is much lower for experienced riders.
  • Parking can be a nightmare with cars. A motorcycle is very easy to park. Because of its smaller size, it is very easy to find a parking place.


  • Safety is a major concern when buying a motorcycle. It is more dangerous than driving a car. It is small in size and is difficult to see, making it prone to accidents. There is no protection like a car. You will need to learn how to balance well so that you don’t fall off or get injured, especially during tight turns. Be very careful while riding a motorcycle. Wear a good quality leather jacket and a good helmet.
  • Bikes don’t have any storage space. So, if you are going out for the whole day, you still can’t carry anything with you due to limited space.
  • Inside a car you remain unaffected due to adverse weather conditions. But when riding a bike rain and snow can obstruct your journey.

Overall, motorcycles don’t provide the safety an economic car will provide. So, if you have the option, buy an economic car instead of a motorcycle.